Accelerate change, Reduce emissions

Since day one, our focus has been on facilitating rapid and impactful change within companies using data and science. Discover our impact so far and our vision to complete our economy's transition to net-zero.

Our impact in figures



carbon under management

Hundreds of businesses have trusted Plan A to manage their entire net-zero journey and we are proud to house this amount of carbon in our platform and to steer these companies to real decarbonisation.


community of scientists, business leaders, investors, and climate warriors

We have developed a world-class network of sustainability experts, scientific board members, proactive employees, entrepreneurs, and dynamic organisations that define change every single day. Together we are building an ecosystem of sustainability that will push lasting change.


team members

We have come a long way in the last half decade, and built an incredible team of passionate, knowledgable, and inspiring individuals all working tirelessly to fight the climate crisis.


solutions to decarbonise the economy

We know that we need a multitude of solutions to solve this complex problem. This is why we are building an ecosystem of products and services to support decarbonisation in any company, for any vertical, to implement change on a large scale.
We are on a mission to equip businesses with the sustainability strategy they need to be competitive in the economy of tomorrow.
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