Centralise and automate carbon and ESG reporting for your portfolio, business units or subsidiaries.
Features included in this offer
Data collection
Assisted data input
Bulk data upload
API integration
Carbon emissions calculator
Multi facilities management
Events management module
ESG management module
Automated annual emissions report
Custom reports
ESG report
Automated decarbonisation action plan
Compensation portfolio
Decarbonisation strategy building (on demand)
Online support
Dedicated success support
Integrated data sourcing and validation
Expert data sourcing and validation
Science-based net-zero target setting (on demand)
Sustainability capacity building
Journey communication support (on demand)
What sets us apart

Key challenges addressed by this offer

Centralise and automate your data collection across all business units
Analyse and benchmark your carbon emissions
Steer decarbonisation pathways to net-zero emissions locally and globally
Engage on your sustainability journey with expert support

Engage on your sustainability journey with expert support


Engage on your sustainability journey with expert support

"By developing a science-based strategy with Plan A, our aim is to become the world's first net-zero gaming company. Plan A has already helped us tackle environmental challenges through automated reporting of our Scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions for 2021 and beyond. We will also be leveraging Plan A’s software to understand the emission hotspots of our operations and derive science-based decarbonisation targets."
Nicolas Julia,
CEO & Co-founder, Sorare

Our Software

Our digital platform supports you in all elements of your sustainability journey. The Plan A carbon accounting software provides a reliable decarbonisation path for ambitious businesses by equipping them with automated carbon and ESG reporting and guidance for their transformation process.
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Data-driven carbon benchmark
Estimate your company’s environmental footprint


Set science-based targets
Set ambitious goals across your business units


Decarbonisation pathways plan
Operationalise change throughout your value chain and activities


Continuous improvement and market leadership
Grow your operational excellence and reputation through the process of sustainability


Reach net-zero emissions targets
Go above and beyond to take leadership in your industry with effective strategies and conscious communication



Take control of decarbonisation

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