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Supporting Critical Funding for European Social Economy and the 3rd Sector. The project will contribute especially to provide innovative tools to find alternative funding for social enterprises across Europe, helping them to manage the outfall of the current economic threats on the one hand, but as well will help them to generate outreach and community building towards their target audiences.

The project will develop 2 main outcomes:

The project will publish a benchmarking study that summarises the Crowdfunding scenario across partner countries, and incorporates data for the whole of the EU via meta-research. This benchmarking study sets the current scene in alternative financing and will highlight the needs of the sector.
A comprehensive suite of Learning materials, including Learning Modules, Presentations, checklists, videos and Hints and Tips, quizzes in an electronic e-book format in 5 languages covering the following areas not currently catered for in the 3rd sector.
School Raising's goal is to intercept all those school projects that, due to the continuous cuts in institutes funds, cannot be implemented and develop, together with the schools, a crowdfunding campaign that allows us to collect the budget necessary for the realization of these projects, are they didactic or structural.
Plan A is a German Greentech company that builds science-based digital tools for automated carbon accounting, decarbonisation, ESG management, and reporting. It has developed an AI-driven SaaS platform for businesses that collects, processes, and analyses carbon and ESG data, creates reduction and ESG improvement plans, and automates reporting in line with key regulatory frameworks.
Mullingar Employment Action Group (MEAG) is a community-supported 'not for profit' organisation which was formed in 1986 to help tackle unemployment in the Region. Since its inception the Action Group has actively supported the creation of over 3,000 jobs through various interests, projects and initiatives.
IED was founded in 2005 in Larissa, Greece with a vision to create an environment that promotes entrepreneurship, research and the entrepreneurial spirit and mindset of businesses, creating long-lasting relationships with society and the academic community.
RLN has a long history of working with and for the business community, supporting the development of new business opportunities, including recently language and culture activities both in the UK and with EU partners. RLN (UK) Ltd’s core remit is to develop and implement language, cultural and business support activities.
Na Drodze Ekspresji is an NGO based in Sopot, Poland, which is mainly focusing of providing people with fewer skills and education with entrepreneurial skills.

Intellectual Outputs

Interim report
Crowdfunding modules and course
National frames of reference
Longitudinal study
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